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It is Wednesday May 18th. Dr. Deans tested negative this morning but she did have a fairly intensive COVID exposure on Tuesday May 17th at noon time. Please do NOT come to the office to see her in person May 18th or 19th. She will see you remotely or via telephone.

Most doctors are are currently *only* seeing patients through our virtual portals at DOXY.ME or by telephone, with few exceptions on a case by case basis depending on the doctor.

As we are a healthcare facility, we are subject to more stringent rules and are required to continue masks if you attend an in person appointment.

At the time of your appointment, please click on the hyperlink next to your clinician listed below and enter your name to sign in to her virtual waiting room. Remember the "location" of the appointment is where you are located, so you must be within the borders of Massachusetts to have a telehealth appointment.

Technology required: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop equipped with a microphone and a camera. If you do not have this technology, a regular phone call can be substituted. If you would prefer a phone call, please let your clinician know.

To make a payment, please call us at 1-781-769-8700 Ext 100, Or Ext 0

or click this link to go to our secure online payment

Emily Deans, MD - Adult Psychiatry doxy.me/emilydeansmd

Evelyn Hale, MD - Adult Psychiatry doxy.me/evelynhalemd

Jessica Howell, P/MHNP, BC- Adult Psychiatry doxy.me/jessicahowellnp

Karen Trevisan, MD - Adult Psychiatry doxy.me/drtrevisan

Please contact your physician directly at their voicemails regarding prescriptions. To reschedule appointments, please contact the receptionist at ext 0. For questions regarding insurance coverage or if you are a new patient requesting an intake, please contact the office manager at extension 101.

call 781-769-8700 ext 101 for questions regarding intakes and psychiatric treatment

We are located at:

100 Morse Street, Suite 105 North Entrance

Norwood, MA 02062

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Print our Intake Demographic Information to bring to your first appointment